VanMile Moving and Delivery App


Moving into a new apartment?

Schedule your next apartment move in The VanMile App.  VanMile offers Box Truck services, perfect for 1-3 bedroom apartment, condo or townhouse moves. All box truck services include two labor helpers. Box trucks start at $150 (Including 1-hour load/unload time and 10 miles of transport). *Additional mileage $2.00/Mile. Additional load/unload time $45/30 min. Speak with a VanMile Support Specialist to schedule your next move.


Buying or Selling Large items on sites like Craigslist, Facebook, and NextDoor?

Our on demand pick up truck service is perfect for you! Available with (1) or (2) load/unload helpers.

While we can’t comment on who you’re exchanging money with, all VanMile Drivers are fully licensed, insured and complete routine background checks. Stay safe and save time, VanMile it!

If you purchase an item that needs assistance and/or transportation, download The VanMile App, select the Pickup and Drop Off address and watch the Pick Up Truck arrive in real time. VanMile does not require customers to be present at the pickup location, sit back and we’ll do the lifting.


Facebook Marketplace, Venmo, SnapChat almost every platform now provide users simple, quick and safe payment options vs risky cash transactions.



Already Rent A Truck? Need Moving Labor? How About Just Help Cleaning Out The Garage?

VanMile’s Helper Service offers a perfect solution to last minute home projects, friends failing to show up on moving day, and those who may have bitten off more than they could chew. All VanMile Helpers work in teams of two (one being a ‘crew captain’ in charge). Helper rates start at $160.00 (per team), including 120 minutes of load/unload time. Additional time is calculated based on $70/hour (per team).  Helper Services may be scheduled within The VanMile App at any time.